Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Life

Well I haven't been on my blog since last year, now I am finally back in my daily routine, it was a great Christmas and I just know 2012 will be a wonderful year, I sure hope so.  I started Project Life and I am really having fun with it, its a great way to record our everyday life.  I started last year but didn't keep up with it, but I am feeling very motivated to keep at it this year.  So far I am on my second week :) and still really excited about it. Well now I'm going to tackle the heap of clothes in the laundry, have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I bought this kit a year ago and i still haven't gotten time to start working on it! Yikes! Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that I love your art journals... those pages are rockin' lol... nice job! :)

  2. thank you for stopping by , you should definitely get started on PL, it's really not too time consuming, I work on it a couple of times during the week, then finish up on saturday or sunday :)

  3. I will! Thanks! I bookmarked your blog so I will visit often! :)