Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Life week 39

I can't believe how fast this year has gone, it seems like just yesterday when we started a new year and week 1 of project life.  I am currently wrapping up week 41, but since I haven't kept up with my posting here on the blog I'd like to share week 39 with you today.  As I mentioned in my previous post I was behind about 5 weeks and was able to catch up in about one week by starting with the current week and working backwards.  I kept it pretty simple to make it easier to catch up!

It seems I took a lot of pictures of food this week, a couple of those were recipes that I tried from pinterest that turned out pretty awesome!!  Most of the pictures this week are instagrams I printed at home on my Epson Artison 730, they are printed at 2x2 and 3x3.  I'm so happy to be caught up, especially since this year is almost over and I'm getting ready for Project Life 2013, so excited about the new products for next year!!! I really love this project and I'm excited to keep it going in the coming year!  What about you, will you be continueing Project Life next year?

close up of the left side

close up of right side

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life week 40

Its project life week 40 and I still really love this project!!  I haven't done any traditional layouts in what seems like ages, for now I prefer this system, its so much fun and it just really works for me!!  I was about 5 weeks behind on this project but I'm happy to report that as of last week I have caught up and boy  does it feel good!!!!  I decided to just start on the current week and just work backwards from there, and that totally worked for me, I was able to get back on track within a week!!  Today I'll be sharing week 40 and week 39, as always thank you for stopping by!

here is the right side
This week I went with a black and white theme, I felt that the pictures were bright enough and didn't want to add anymore color to this side.  Most of the journaling cards I've used are from Paislee Press, a printable I purchased a while back from Oscraps.  All my pictures are printed at home and they are sized about 3x3 in photoshop, I added some washi tape, some flair buttons and some alphas that I've had in my stash for a while, as I'm trying really hard to abstain from buying anymore scrap supplies until I use what i already have.  Let me tell you that is a difficult task, there is so much awesome goodies out there waiting to be bought!!

 On the left side I mostly included pictures with lots of smash tape and some of my fav stamps.  I'm trying to include a lot more journaling on my pages.  Thank you for looking and have a great week!  I've linked up with The Mom Creative this week so hop over there and check out all the wonderful posts!

Friday, August 31, 2012

I love Pinterest

I'm always trying to find ways to makes things easier and life stress free, especially when the kids get back to school.  One very important thing for me is that everyone has a healthy and delicious breakfast every morning.  With everyone having a different schedule this year that might be difficult, the twins are in high school now and leave earlier and my sons classes are sometimes later depending on the day of the week.  I found this great idea on pinterest that I've used this first week of back to school and it has been GREAT !!!  Now why hadn't I thought of doing this before. Basically what you do is cook breakfast ahead of time and then freeze it and each morning the kids just grab what they want and microwave it and walla!! breakfast is done.  It took me about two hours on Sunday evening to prepare everything and cook it then freeze it and only one mess to clean up!!!!! The menu this week consisted of pancakes, assorted breakfast burritos and pancake muffins with sausage bits, even the hubby loved this idea!  Thank you pinterest!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

week 16

Happy Wednesday, hope everyone is having a great week.  The older kids are back at school this week, I can barely believe that my girls are high school freshmen already, sigh.... where did the time go??? Its been a tough job to keep up with project life during summer vacation, but now that I'm getting back into the old routine I plan to catch up!!!  This week I'll share week 16 of my projectlife with you.  This week I used lots of assorted pp from my stash, some printables and some overlays for the journaling cards, and buttons and thickers and other goodies to embellish.  If you have any questions about any item i've used I'll do my best to answer.  Thanks for stopping by !! This week I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative once again so hop on over there and check out the wonderful project life posts on her site.

Thanks again for looking and sorry for the bad picture taking, taking pictures while having a 13 month old pulling on your legs is no easy task! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching up on Project Life

It seems that I've been playing catchup with PL since summer started, it just seems harder during the summer months to find time to work on this project. I still love it and I am not giving it up just trying to simplify in order to get caught up. I am caught up to about mid July however I realize I haven't posted here since May! Wow!!! Well I'm going to share weeks 13-15 with you today, it seems I didn't take enough pictures for weeks 14 and 15 so I decided to put those two together.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm back!!

Wow!! I just realized its been a month since I last posted on my blog, yikes! So much has been going on here, well nothing earth shattering, in general just life. On a positive note I am caught up on Project Life. Time has gone by so fast, we are already on week 20 of 2012, unbelievable!! The last time I posted was about Project Life week 12 so I will soon have to do massive post to catchup, in the meantime and to prove to you that I am caught up, here's a peek of what I am working on today!! Week 20 in progress, will post a completed version later, thanks for stopping by, hope you visit again I promise to be back soon!! Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life week 12

I'm back with another project life post, today it's week 12.  I'm actually caught up to week 15 now happy to announce, YAY!!!  I absolutely LOVE this project, it's perfect for me, I was getting a bit stressed about being behind a few weeks, but slowly the fog that seemed to be invading the creative side of my brain has lifted, lol.  This project is about the memories,  about the everyday life, so it's OK if it's not perfect or if you didn't take a picture each day or journal about every picture, everyone gets it done in their own way.  This past weekend my parents came to visit and we had a wonderful time with them.  I was so happy and proud of this project when my Dad saw it and looked through it,  he LOVED it and said how great it is that I am documenting our life through PL.  It was nice that they were able to see what we have been up to since their last visit by looking through the album,  did I mention  I love this project!!!!  Okay so here is week 12, thank you so much for stopping by!! 

week 12

left side

 This week I used some JC and others goodies from Bananafishstudio (awesome stuff for PL there)I also used some misstiina free printables, Martha Stewart labels, alphas and stickers from my stash and washi tape, can't get enough of it!!!

right side

 I've also included this pretty chevron bag in one of the slots for random receipts of the week. BTW after uploading the pics I realized I forgot to do some stitching on the right side, oh well I'll get to that later. :)

Some of my favorite details <3

Have a wonderful day!!  I'll be linking up at  and so go check it out and see what the other "project lifers" are up to!!!  ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life week 11

Well here we are in the second week of April already and I haven't posted week 11 of my project life.  I assure you I am almost up to date in my album, I am up to week 14, well actually about to start it.  It does seem as the year goes on it gets a bit harder to stay up to date,  and I am trying real hard not to stress about it, don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying this project very much, but everyday life sometimes gets in the way.  :)  Okay so here is week 11, thank you for stopping by, I sure do appreciate your visit.  Once again I'll be linking up with so be s
ure to drop by and check out what everyone else is up to with their PL.

full spread with insert

left side

right side

a few of my favorite spots

if you have any questions about any of the products I've used, please feel free to drop me a line and ask, I will be happy to answer all your questions.  Thank you again for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life week 10

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week, I can't believe we are at the end of March already!!!  Where does the time go? Just a couple of months and the kids will be out for summer vacation, I am started to get a bit nervous now, my girls will be starting high school next year, yikes!!!  Well on to Project Life week 10, I'll be linking up with  The Mom Creative once again so don't forget to check it out,  it's always fun to see what everyone else is doing with PL.

left side

right side with insert

left side w/o insert

some of my favorite spots from this week

thank you for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

Just a few of my favorite shots from this past week!!!  I <3 instagram!!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  :)  Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Life week 9

Hi, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We enjoyed our weekend and the entire last week since it was spring break here.  Our week was filled with some relaxing, shopping, eating out, movie watching and lots of crafting!!!  It was an all girls week here, since both my guys had to work all week, so we did lots of girly things !!  Today I am sharing week 9 of Project Life with you.  This week I used design E and design F protectors by Becky Higgins,  I love using design F when I have a lot of pictures to include and design E is fun for bigger inserts and pictures.  I have all the designs just haven't gotten around to using them all.  I will be linking up with The Mom Creative on Tuesday so be sure to link up there and check out all of the creative and inspiring layouts!!!  Thank you for stopping by!!!  Have a fabulous Monday!! :)

week 9

left side

right side

insert of Saturday lunch

some of the products used this week: Dear Lizzy, Paislee Press, Marcy Penner, Ormolu, Smash and an assortment of alphas and washi tape and other stuff that I've had in my stash for a while. 

these are just some of my favorite spots from this weeks layout, thanks again for visiting!!