Friday, August 31, 2012

I love Pinterest

I'm always trying to find ways to makes things easier and life stress free, especially when the kids get back to school.  One very important thing for me is that everyone has a healthy and delicious breakfast every morning.  With everyone having a different schedule this year that might be difficult, the twins are in high school now and leave earlier and my sons classes are sometimes later depending on the day of the week.  I found this great idea on pinterest that I've used this first week of back to school and it has been GREAT !!!  Now why hadn't I thought of doing this before. Basically what you do is cook breakfast ahead of time and then freeze it and each morning the kids just grab what they want and microwave it and walla!! breakfast is done.  It took me about two hours on Sunday evening to prepare everything and cook it then freeze it and only one mess to clean up!!!!! The menu this week consisted of pancakes, assorted breakfast burritos and pancake muffins with sausage bits, even the hubby loved this idea!  Thank you pinterest!!!

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